St. Cantius Church in Chicago

The restoration of the high altar in St. John Cantius Church in Chicago took almost 4 years and focused on the reconstruction and gilding of almost one hundred ornaments, laurels, florets, ten Corinthian columns, and polychromed sculptures. The conservation treatments were conducted on-site, as well as at our studio, where all the ornaments were moved to be cleaned, consolidated, partially reconstructed, and re-gilded in traditional techniques. St. John Cantius Church, designed by Adolphus Druiding and completed in 1898, is without doubt one of the most unique places in Chicago, as one of the best examples of sacred architecture in the city. Inspired by the opulent art and architecture of 28th century Krakow, the magnificent baroque interior took us back to our home city during the work.

Jamali Fresco-Tempera Paintings

The conservation of the Jamali paintings were a complex and interesting experience. Both of them were painted in an incredible technique of mixed tempera with gesso on acrylic glass, making these very unique. The problem was delamination of the paint layer, as well as significant losses. The entire surface was consolidated, and the losses were reconstructed.